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Sleep-Wake Cycle: Is the biological clock out of synch? Most of us feel the worse for a disturbed or fretful night’s sleep and this can carry through to the next day’s work. Disruption of your natural circadian rhythms whether because of young children waking, worries that keep us awake or…


STRESS- Good or Bad for you? It is important how you think of it. It seems that every magazine we pick up these days has an article on how to ‘manage stress’ with recommendations for ensuring a better work life balance, practising yoga or mindfulness are just some of the…


National Diabetes Week 12-18 JUNE 2016 FACTS ABOUT DIABETES Diabetes is a common medical condition which affects 370 million people worldwide. In the UK, 3 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes and a further 850,000 people are believed to have the condition but are as yet undiagnosed. In Ireland,…


Back Exercises to Reduce Lower Back Pain  Do you want to prevent lower back pain? The 5 exercises described in this NHS link below will help keep your back fit and strong. You are advised to seek medical advice before starting these lower back pain exercises, and to stop…


10 Things you should consider about your work chair Article written by Colin Taylor (Clinical Manager, Chartered Physiotherapist and Ergonomic Assessor at Healthcare Direct) A lot of our people spend the majority of their working day or week spent sitting office chair. If you suffer from back or neck pain…


7 Tips to Keep Your Heart Happy Abbott: Read article at – Did you know your heart beats about 100,000 times and pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood throughout the body each day? That’s a hard-working muscle! Consider these healthy habits to keep your ticker in top condition: 1….

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