Many of our clients suffer from knee arthritis. Knee arthritis is when the cartilage that coats the knee slowly dissolves, leading to painful bone rubbing on bone. It affects 10% of the adult population and because we are living longer and more active lives, more and more people complain of knee pain. Knee arthritis typically presents slowly progressive pain, precipitated by activity and relieves at rest. Occasionally the pain is associated with swelling and limited ability to bend and straighten the knee. Some people report difficulty when loading the knee joint for example climbing a stairs or being more active over the summer months.

A common misconception is that people decide that we should totally abstain from exercise; however it is important to remain active. I would recommend that you read up more about this condition as it has shown that being more aware of what is going on can help you manage your pain level.  It is important that you attend your GP for management there are no badges for bravery.

We recommend that people should consider weight management as being over weight only adds further irritation to the joint. Attending a Chartered Physiotherapist is highly recommended to start a quadriceps and hamstring strengthening program. If non operative treatment works you may to see an orthopedic consultant. You many need to adapt your home and our team of Occupational Therapists can assess your home on tips and advice about managing and pacing your activities of daily living.

Colin Taylor (Clinical Manager & Chartered Physiotherapist at Healthcare Direct)

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