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Physiotherapy enables people to stay in or return to work The UK challenge: health, work and austerity At a time when the NHS is serving a growing and ageing population, the UK government estimates the need for £22 billion in NHS savings by 2020/21(3). Yet public expectation remains that access…

March 27, 2017

Sofa Workout Article Link: Chartered Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapy support can be accessed locally at Healthcare Direct Tel: 1850-749746 or Email:

February 17, 2017

Colin Taylor (Clinical Manager & Chartered Physiotherapist at Healthcare Direct) I recently attended a people handling instructor refresher training day and it was interesting to talk to other experts around the safe use of hoists. 10 Things I should consider when using the hoist? Check your environment. Do you need…

January 5, 2017

Happy New Year from all at Healthcare Direct 3 Minute Seated Yoga Article Link: Please contact us at Healthcare Direct and we can offer you expert advice on Occupational Physiotherapy Colin Taylor (Clinical Manager & Chartered Physiotherapist at Healthcare Direct) Chartered Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapy support can be accessed…

November 23, 2016

Simple lifestyle changes can make a world of difference to your quality of sleep. Following these 10 tips from The Sleep Council can help you have a more restful night. 1. Keep regular hours Going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time every day will programme your body to sleep…

September 22, 2016

Employers have a legal duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and must do whatever is ‘reasonably practicable’ to achieve this. Occupational health physiotherapists improve the safety, comfort and performance of the working population to reduce accidents and sickness absence. This helps employee productivity and performance. There…

August 8, 2016

At HealthcareDirect we offer both group and individual exercise classes which include stretching as part of the session. Older adults adopt certain movement patterns and positioning as they age. For example if you sit for longer period during the day there is a change that you will be a little…


Many of our clients suffer from knee arthritis. Knee arthritis is when the cartilage that coats the knee slowly dissolves, leading to painful bone rubbing on bone. It affects 10% of the adult population and because we are living longer and more active lives, more and more people complain of…


  Quitting – it is never easy. But thousands of people successfully quit smoking in Ireland every year. Some need the support from services such as HSE online campaign, and some manage to quit smoking through sheer will power. Many will have tried a few times before being successful….


This information sheet highlights the physical risks associated with manual handling in the transport and logistics sector.  Examples of risk reduction measures that could be considered appropriate in different workplace settings are illustrated, but is by no means an exhaustive list of possible solution.

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