September 22, 2016

Employers have a legal duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and must do whatever is ‘reasonably practicable’ to achieve this. Occupational health physiotherapists improve the safety, comfort and performance of the working population to reduce accidents and sickness absence. This helps employee productivity and performance. There are significant benefits to both employers and employees. 

Evidence shows that ‘good work is good for health. For most people, including those with long term conditions, health can actually be improved by being in work. Occupational health physiotherapists have a role in proactively promoting health and wellbeing in the work environment. This allows workers to avoid sickness and injury as well as the potential secondary health consequences of sickness absence or even unemployment.

Our team of Chartered Physiotherapists work within a strong clinical evidence base that is linked to measureable outcomes. They support self management of common and complex health conditions and promote independence whilst considering all aspects of the person’s life. At Healthcare Direct our Physiotherapists can also assist companies to comply with Health and Safety legislation particularly regarding Manual Handling regulations and Visual Display Unit regulations.


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Colin Taylor (Clinical Manager & Chartered Physiotherapist at Healthcare Direct)

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