10 Things you should consider about your work chair

Article written by Colin Taylor (Clinical Manager, Chartered Physiotherapist and Ergonomic Assessor at Healthcare Direct)

A lot of our people spend the majority of their working day or week spent sitting office chair. If you suffer from back or neck pain then quite often it is important to ask yourself the following questions.

1. Is my chair comfortable and stable?
2. Is the seat adjustable in height?
3. Is the backrest adjustable in both height and tilt?
4. Has the seat a waterfall finish?
5. Is the chair covering suitable e.g. not slippery
6. Can the chair be adjusted while sitting?
7. Are the adjustments easy to use?
8. Has the chair a five star castor base?
9. Are the arm rests adjustable
10. Does the chair require different castors or glides for stability

Once you are confident your office chair meets these criteria, then it is important to ensure the chair is adjusted accordingly to ensure you are working in a neutral position so you are not at risk of incurring pain or injury. An experienced Ergonomic Assessor will assess and evaluate your chair and overall work environment to ensure your office space is set up to eliminate the risk of injuries such as musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries.

At Healthcare Direct, our team of Ergonomic Assessors are all Chartered Physiotherapists and they can come to your office and carry out individual work stations assessments.

Chartered Physiotherapist and Ergonomic Assessment support can be accessed locally at Healthcare Direct – Tel: 1850-749746 or Email: