February 17, 2017

Colin Taylor (Clinical Manager & Chartered Physiotherapist at Healthcare Direct)

I recently attended a people handling instructor refresher training day and it was interesting to talk to other experts around the safe use of hoists.

10 Things I should consider when using the hoist?

  1. Check your environment. Do you need to move furniture or equipment?
  2. Check the person’s weight capacity of the hoist.
  3. Check the hoist is in good working order and the battery is charged.
  4. Choose the appropriate size of sling.
  5. Insert the sling using correct handling techniques.
  6. Check the sling is attached securely to the spreader bar, and is comfortable for the person.
  7. Follow as the manufacturers instructions.
  8. When the person is raised use weight transference to move the hoist.
  9. After lowering the person check their position before removing the sling.
  10. Always maintain good body postures.

At Healthcare Direct we offer group and individual training on all aspects of people handling.

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